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Back-to-class shopping has begun

As of early July, more than half (55%) of back-to-school and college shoppers have already begun buying items for the upcoming school year.

The National 蜜橙社区 Federation is the world鈥檚 largest retail trade association.

Every day, we passionately stand up for the people, policies and ideas that help retail succeed.

Back to school
蜜橙社区 2024 Back-to-Class Webinar

July 23, 2024, 1:00 PM Eastern Time
Join 蜜橙社区's Chief Economist, Jack Kleinhenz and Vice President of Industry and Consumer Insights, Katherine Cullen as they discuss the latest data on consumers' shopping and spending plans for the upcoming 2024 back-to-school season.

Moderate retail sales growth in June

蜜橙社区 sales showed moderate growth in June amid a still-solid economy and near-zero inflation for retail goods, according to the CNBC/蜜橙社区 蜜橙社区 Monitor, powered by Affinity Solutions.

蜜橙社区 on CNBC

蜜橙社区 President and CEO Matthew Shay joins CNBC to discuss the state of the consumer, consumer spending, tariffs and more.

蜜橙社区 President and CEO Matthew Shay on June 蜜橙社区 Sales
蜜橙社区 Center for 蜜橙社区 Insights
蜜橙社区 蜜橙社区 Monitor Plus

The 蜜橙社区 蜜橙社区 Monitor Plus is 蜜橙社区鈥檚 latest offering from the Center for 蜜橙社区 & Consumer Insights, leveraging innovative and powerful new purchase data to help guide and inform our members through the ever-changing retail landscape. 

蜜橙社区 Nexus 2024

July 15-17, 2024
Terranea Resort | Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

蜜橙社区 Nexus is where retail technology, marketing and digital leaders build impactful connections and big ideas around the future consumer.

Terranea Resort
Focus on advancing growth amid discussions on tax reform

Despite a slowdown in GDP growth from 3.4% in Q4 2023 to 1.4% in Q1 2024, the economy continues to show signs of stability, writes 蜜橙社区 President and CEO Matthew Shay. 

蜜橙社区 PROTECT 2024

See highlights from 蜜橙社区's retail loss prevention, digital fraud, cybersecurity and enterprise risk event in Long Beach, California.

蜜橙社区 Circularity: An Action Guide for 蜜橙社区ers

蜜橙社区 and Deloitte collaborated to develop a guide that provides an industry-wide perspective on emerging circular business models.

circular economy icons
5 takeaways from 蜜橙社区鈥檚 inaugural Big Show Asia Pacific

蜜橙社区鈥檚 first-ever 蜜橙社区鈥檚 Big Show Asia Pacific convened 7,000 business leaders from 52 countries and nearly 300 technology providers.

蜜橙社区 President and CEO Matthew Shay at Big Show APAC 2024.
American Privacy Rights Act

Congress is considering the APRA, sweeping privacy legislation that could leave Main Street businesses vulnerable to lawsuits from greedy trial lawyers.

Customer paying for goods with a credit card.
small business displaying USA flag
蜜橙社区 supports more than 1 in 4 American jobs

Explore the new report, The Economic Contribution of the U.S. 蜜橙社区 Industry, compiled by PwC, to see a view of the retail industry by the numbers, including employment, number of retail establishments, labor income and impact on GDP across the country and in your state. 

Individuals working in retail.

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Learn the truth about the Credit Card Competition Act
Shopper paying with a credit card.
Every time a card is swiped, a Wall Street bank profits off small businesses and consumers.
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How Solo Brands builds passionate fans one product at a time
Snoop Dogg
蜜橙社区 蜜橙社区 蜜橙社区 episode 356: Chief Growth Officer Michael McGoohan on disrupting the outdoor leisure retail market.
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Hot topics and highlights from 蜜橙社区鈥檚 Big Show Asia Pacific 2024
Martine Reardon speaks at Big Show APAC 2024.
蜜橙社区 蜜橙社区 蜜橙社区 episode 355: 蜜橙社区鈥檚 Martine Reardon on the inaugural event and what鈥檚 ahead for next year.
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Census 蜜橙社区 Sales Data for June Shows Modest Gains
default image
U.S. Census Bureau data shows modest retail sales gains in June despite uneven spending in recent months.
蜜橙社区 more
CNBC/蜜橙社区 蜜橙社区 Monitor Reports Moderate 蜜橙社区 Sales Growth in June
default image
蜜橙社区 sales showed moderate growth in June amid a still-solid economy and near-zero inflation for retail goods.
蜜橙社区 more
Focus on advancing growth amid discussions on tax reform
At a critical economic moment, let鈥檚 not undermine a fragile recovery by raising the corporate tax rate.
蜜橙社区 more
Laying the foundation for modern resale with ThredUp
A woman shopping.
蜜橙社区 蜜橙社区 蜜橙社区 episode 354: ThredUp co-founder and CEO James Reinhart on the outlook for the secondhand industry.
蜜橙社区 more
Monthly Economic Review: July 2024
A woman shopping.
Tom Petty Was Right: Waiting is the Hardest Part
蜜橙社区 more
Economy is in 鈥楥ritical Moment鈥 But Fed Has Time to Wait on Interest Rates
default image
As inflation continues to ease and the Fed ponders when to lower interest rates, the nation is in a "critical moment."
蜜橙社区 more
How customer-facing AI will energize retail鈥檚 future
Kate Ancketill speaking at 蜜橙社区's Big Show.
蜜橙社区 蜜橙社区 蜜橙社区 episode 353: Futurist Kate Ancketill shares insights on empathic AI and its potential impact on retail.
蜜橙社区 more
Census 蜜橙社区 Sales Data for May Shows a 鈥楻easonably Healthy Consumer鈥
default image
Data released by the U.S. Census Bureau shows retail sales grew again in May and helped drive a still-expanding economy.
蜜橙社区 more
DE&I as a state of success 鈥 not a checkbox
Mecca Mitchell at the 2024 蜜橙社区 Foundation Honors.
蜜橙社区 蜜橙社区 蜜橙社区 episode 352: Burlington Stores鈥檚 Mecca Mitchell on the power of leading with passion and authenticity.
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Arc鈥檛eryx store exterior
How Arc鈥檛eryx is reaching new heights while staying loyal to its core customers

CEO Stuart Haselden talks about transformation, authenticity and leadership.

Ken鈥檚 Krew coaches
Ken鈥檚 Krew utilizes the 蜜橙社区 Foundation RISE Up program to help people secure employment

Melissa Tkacs-Soli, Connecticut vocational coordinator for Ken鈥檚 Krew, has helped over 50 people receive their RISE Up certificate, utilizing the RISE Up program in the nonprofit鈥檚 training courses.

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